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no No no!  I couldn't believe this was happening my best horse was starting to develop ring bone.  Why was this happening to me.  My grandpa bought this horse for me as birthday present, but now it seems as though this would be a loss for me. Why did this have to happen?  little did i know that This was a question that would later define my life.  You see I realize that my shoeing was screwed up, I had no skill but my pride prevented me from recognizing that.  I suffered the consequences of not seeking more information.  I had to ask myself why, it was not like there weren't no courses or books I could've tapped into, for god's sake this was the age of the internet, information abounded everywhere, there was no excuse!

So began my journey with a new career, you see I grew unhappy with my current career working at the ship yard and knew I was not utilizing my god given abilities for good. after all working with horses was my mojo, my passion. I enrolled in Butler Professional Farrier School located in Chadron, Nebraska in the middle of winter (wow! what an experience working in the snow was fun after your joints warm up from being sorely frozen) I got through it and adapted, but when I got back home the real learning began.

I knew I needed a mentor so I called around and figured I'd call one of the best a master Farrier that lived on another island (I'm not at liberty to share his name)  but there was one problem I was too late! he was on the brink of retirement so my hopes had gone down the tube.  Then one day I thought of someone I met a little while earlier who had shod horses and by now he would have been very seasoned and so decided to give him a call.  That's when my real education began, I soon learned that calling this braddah was the best thing i'd done cause he was taught by this same master farrier and was just the type of person I needed to learn from cause he understood how to improve performance and health of the horses' hooves and legs.  Only one problem I still worked at te ship yard and could only tag along a few times a week.  I didn't care though, hell it was something so I practiced and learned over the course of four solid years.  Today i'm so thankful cause I truly found my passion in correcting horses' hooves and legs.  I faced many difficulties, but I got through to the other side.

Next time you take a ride on your horse! think of it as taking it to the mechanic for a tire alignment.  We often miss it, but the slightest change of angle can mean the difference between winning or losing or (drum roll please) the difference between soundness or lameness.  I'm here to help, it is my passion and desire to see every horse that I work on improve and become fully capable of performing to their fullest potential.


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We made the decision to switch over to have Brenden do our shoeing for Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii nearly a year ago, and have been really happy that we did. With 14 horses in our program, we really needed someone reliable, even when a horse throws a shoe between shoeings. He is also very respectful and is happy to talk with our volunteers and riders when they have questions about what he is doing. He spends whatever time he needs to do the best job he can and has shown amazing patience and great horsemanship with our horse who is nervous about farriers. He is open to communication, whether it be on scheduling or discussions on what he's doing with our horses feet. I would strongly recommend him as a good choice for your shoeing needs. 

Dana V.

My horse has upward fixation of the patella and fybrotic myopathy, so he has issues in his back legs. Brenden was recommended, as someone who could help horses with special needs, and in just a few trims, he has turned my boy around! He is not in pain anymore, and he is moving better. Too, I find Brenden to be really patient with him so that each trim has been a little bit easier. I'm so grateful to have found Brenden!

Sarah A.

I was working with another very capable farrier that made the decision to hand me over to Brenden and I was so nervous that he was not going to match up.  However, Brenden has exceeded my expectations and has helped my horse Gino with his overreaching problem and has made him much more comfortable and confident when we go on trail rides.  He no longer drags his feet and clicks his front shoes anymore.

Diane C.

Aloha, my AQHA mare suffered a quarter crack from the top of the coronet and it looked awful.  I had a few opinions of what needed to be done. Then my father suggested I give Brenden Kanakaole a call and see what he says Brenden quickly replied and came over to evaluate her hoof. During the first few shoeings the quarter crack got smaller and it grew out.  His remedy to fix her hoof was amazing to us and everyone else at our ranch.  His quality workmanship and knowledge clearly shines.  I've known Brenden for many years and I am so happy with his work.  I highly recommend Brenden Kanakaole.  He is my farrier of choice.

- Dustin C.

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